Our fleet of vehicles

We know just how important your safety and comfort are while vacationing and conducting business abroad. And traveling in Italy is no exception!
Colosseum Travel provides its customers with top European vehicles, all meticulously maintained in mint condition.
Our fleet ranges from executive luxury sedans and stretch limousines to min-vans and small passenger busses. Please take a moment to review our impressive fleet of vehicles.

  • Mercedes Luxury Sedan S CLASS

    Mercedes Luxury Sedan: "S" CLASS

    The S CLASS is Mercedes-Benz's top model among its wide-ranging popular sedan series. The S CLASS has become a true status symbol among Europe's driving elite. No other model is as fully equipped in terms of interior accessories, elegant design and spaciousness. This vehicle is perfect for long road trips on highways and city streets -allowing passengers to arrive in total comfort and relaxation before facing a demanding day of business or touring on foot.

    • 2/3 passengers
    • 2 Suitcases
    • 4 Hand luggages
  • Mercedes Sedan:

    Mercedes Sedan: "E" CLASS

    The Mercedes-Benz E CLASS sedan is equipped with the same basic elegance classic comfort of this German manufacturer's top models. The E CLASS is excellent on short and long trips for reasons of both tourism and business.

    • 2/3 passengers
    • 2 Suitcases
    • 2 Hand luggages
  • Mercedes Luxury Van: V CLASS

    Mercedes Luxury Van: "V" CLASS

    Mercedes-Benz designed the V CLASS van for those who love to travel in company while maintaining the same expectations of comfort, safety and spaciousness of its top luxury sedan models and more! The van's rear captain-seats are arranged to face one another, allowing you to travel amid a social atmosphere or conduct you business trip among debriefings or friendly meetings.

    • 7 passengers
    • 5 Suitcases
    • 5 Hand luggages
  • Mercedes Minibus: SPRINTER CLASS

    Mercedes Minibus: "SPRINTER" CLASS

    The Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER van is defined by its ample leg-room and spaciousness. Its seats are particularly designed for extra comfort on long trips. This large passenger van is perfect for traveling in large families or among small groups of friends and colleagues.

    • 8/16 passengers
    • 10 Suitcases
    • 8 Hand luggages
  • Mercedes Van: VITO CLASS

    Mercedes Van: "VITO" CLASS

    The Mercedes-Benz VITO is its largest passenger van .It is modern, reliable, spacious and versatile. The VITO van is perfect for traveling in large families or small groups of friends and colleagues. Its impressive height and many windows allow passengers to enjoy unobstructed panorama while sightseeing from within the vehicle.

    • 8 passengers
    • 8 Suitcases
    • 6 Hand luggages
  • Peugeot 607

    Peugeot 607

    The 607 is handsome, spacious and elegant suited for the best Parisian salon. Leather interior and briar finished give to this vehicle a very elegant style, it offers to passengers the best quality, comfort and security.

    • 2/3 passengers
    • 2 Suitcases
    • 2 Hand luggages
  • Volkswagen Classic Van

    Volkswagen Classic Van

    The Volkswagen Classic Van "Caravelle" is a very comfortable, flexibility and luxury vehicle. It has attention to all interiors and exteriors details and it has a very high level of reputation on the Van's families

    • 8 passengers
    • 6 Suitcases
    • 5 Hand luggages
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Colosseum travel limousine fleet

Our limousine fleet

We know just how important your safety and comfort are while vacationing and conducting business abroad.

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